Leak Detection

048Plumber can detect and repair water and gas leaks fast. If you think you’ve got a leak, don’t just wait for it to fix itself. Our plumbers can find hidden leaks and quickly put a stop to them, limiting the damage to your property and your wallet. We use a range of specialised tools to quickly find and repair gas leaks and water leaks in pipes, taps, showers and more, delivering long-lasting solutions. Additionally, with 24/7 emergency service you can get leaks repaired when you need them to be without having to wait. Call us today on 048Plumber for a quote.

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Residential and Commercial Leak Detection

Our licensed and qualified plumbers can quickly detect and repair leaks in both residential and commercial plumbing. We carry all the tools necessary to fix any leak on the spot, regardless of the size of the problem or your property. Leaks can sometimes be difficult to spot, especially for larger properties. They can be hidden underground or in walls and slowly leak for months without your knowledge. If you think you have a leak but aren’t sure, we offer competitive upfront quotes to give you peace of mind at an affordable price. Talk to our team today for more information.

Experienced Local Plumbers

For more than 15 years our plumbers have been providing high-quality leak detection services for homes and businesses across the Central Coast. As a local plumber we’ve seen the best and worst of plumbing over the years, and have helped thousands of people get their plumbing under control. All our plumbers are licensed and qualified, with professional training to deliver long lasting results. Additionally, to give you complete peace of mind all our plumbing work is covered by full insurance and comes with our professional guarantee. When you choose 048Plumbers, you’re guaranteed

Experienced Plumbers

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If you think you might have a leak, call the experts at 048Plumber today. An unseen leak can cause huge problems if left alone for long enough, damaging property, causing mould to grow and leaving you with a large water bill to top it off. Our plumbers can track down leaks fast and provide you with a comprehensive fix on the spot. Call us today for a quote.