Our plumber Swansea service remains the prime option for homes and local businesses. We provide seamless customer service and high-quality repairs, installations and maintenance for all your plumbing. All at affordable cost-friendly prices. It’s no wonder why 048PLUMBER has a reputation for providing the most reliable, quick plumbing service with lasting results. To get your plumbing back on track, enlist help from our emergency plumbers. We can get to your address right away and our plumber Swansea team will fix your plumbing immediately, preventing future problems and costs from arising in the long run. Available throughout Swansea and various suburbs, call 048PLUMBER for your repairs now!
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When you need a plumber fast to take care of burst pipes, broken hot water systems and more, 048PLUMBER provides plumber Swansea 24/7 emergency services so you can get the plumbing help you need whenever you need it. We can get to your location ASAP and fix your plumbing without delay. For cost-friendly fast services that lets your plumbing be back in business, get reliable, competent professional plumbers from 048PLUMBER to complete your job. We are always up for any task, no matter the scale. Our experience across residential and commercial plumbing equips us with every skill needed to deal with your plumbing emergency. Available 24/7, call our emergency plumbers no matter what time of day or night it is when you have a problem that needs fixing. We’ll get to your address immediately!


With humble beginnings right here on the central coast, we’ve since had 20 years of professional plumbing experience across residential, industrial and commercial properties. We know what it takes to deliver optimal results that ensure your plumbing stays problem-free for a long, long time. If you’re looking for a plumber Swansea you can trust to get the job done and get it done so you’ll never face frequent emergencies, choose 048Plumber. Convenient, affordable and fast, we do incredible repairs, installations and maintenance work all at budget-friendly prices.
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If you need emergency plumbing repairs for a burst pipe or a broken hot water system, we can have a plumber dispatched to your doorstep within the hour.

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Gas Fitting

A licensed gas fitter can take care of your gas piping and appliances safely, delivering effective results. Ask us about gas fitting today for more information.

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Hot Water Systems

We can install, service, and repair all hot water systems. We work with solar, gas, and electric, and can supply hot water systems should you need a new one.

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Leak Detection

Got a leak? Our plumbers use the latest tools to work out exactly where it is and fix it quickly to ensure it stays that way, saving you money on water bills.

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Relining and Patching

As the best local plumbers in Central Coast, ..., without disrupting existing pipework to get your water running safely again.

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Burst Pipe Repair

A burst pipe can cause major damage if left alone. Get yours fixed fast by a licensed plumber. We can repair burst pipes without having to dig or disrupt other plumbing.

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Tap Installation

Need a new tap outfitted? Whether it’s a bathroom tap, kitchen tap, outdoor tap or more, we can quickly install new taps in your property at cost-friendly prices.

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Stormwater Drainage

We’re experts on stormwater drainage. We can repair your property. We’ll help prevent flooding and any health and safety hazards.

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Toilet Installation

Whether you’re building or renovating, .., plumbing. Rely on our professional plumbers for toilet installations across residential and commercial spaces.

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Toilet Repairs

Got a malfunctioning toilet or a broken one? If you’d like budget-friendly quality toilet repairs to ensure they work properly in the long run, call 048Plumber to your location today.

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Blocked Drain

Got a blocked drain at your property? Call us immediately for drain repairs emergency services. We can quickly free your blocked drains, unclogging it safely and effectively with the right equipment.

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Tap Repairs

Is your tap leaking? We can quickly repair your taps to function perfectly again. For problem-free running water, get your tap repairs done by experts from 048Plumber.

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You will always be paying a fair price when you hire 048PLUMBER. Our plumber Swansea services is accompanied by a cost breakdown so you’ll understand the details of the services you’re enlisting. With full transparency, we charge honest upfront quotes and competitive prices. This is why we’re the plumber Swansea families and local businesses depend on. You won’t have to worry about breaking your budget while still having high-quality plumbing work done for your property. For trustworthy, credible plumbers with a history of serving the community, choose 048PLUMBERS for your repairs, installations and plumbing maintenance today and enjoy affordable prices.


Our plumbers are trained to properly assess your plumbing and carry out the best most effective solution to solve your problems. We can recommend non-invasive methods, new replacements and the best approach to give your plumbing maximum, long-term benefits. This means you won’t have to worry about future issues popping up frequently. We also highly recommend our maintenance services to keep your plumbing up and running at its prime. For professional plumbers with relevant experience and a dedication to the highest of industry standards, get your plumbing done by 048PLUMBER. We always ensure our customers the best results and 100% satisfaction for our workmanship.
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Our plumber Swansea can handle all aspects of commercial and residential plumbing with lasting results. Additionally, all our work is fully covered by insurance and comes with a lifetime labour guarantee. Affordable, convenient and trustworthy, we are number one option for your plumbing needs. From drains, gas fittings, toilets, taps, leaks, hot water and more, rely on 048PLUMBER for high-quality repairs, replacements and maintenance. We’re available 24/7 for emergency plumbing service. Call our emergency plumbers to your location now to fix your plumbing. We also serve Yattalunga, Springfield, Maitland, Saratoga areas and more. For cost-friendly professional Swansea plumbing, call 048PLUMBER today! If you’d like excellent service from the best local plumbers in Swansea NSW, there’s no better team of fully licensed emergency plumbers ready on speed dial. Our insured plumbers get the job done quickly, provide great service each time and are equipped to deal with various plumbing problems. This includes providing gas services, assistance across any plumbing project to toilet plumbing, plumbing maintenance, plumbing installation and repairs on any plumbing system. Offering efficient plumbing solutions and prompt emergency services, contact us now to get to your address.
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