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Blocked drains are among the most common plumbing problems, but that doesn’t make them any better. A badly blocked drain can leave you without proper running water, forcing you to avoid using the drain at best, and potentially causing irreparable damage to your home at worst. We help prevent future problems and potential blockage so water passes through your drain seamlessly. For a free quote and a quick solution for your plumbing issue, call us today. If you’ve noticed water draining slowly or a complete blockage, call 048Plumber immediately and get a plumber on the job today. With more than 15 years of experience, 24/7 service and a team of passionate, friendly plumbers, we can handle your plumbing problems and deliver outstanding results. Call our blocked drains Central Coast plumber today on 048Plumber for more information and a quote.
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As your local blocked drains specialists, we have the skills and experience to provide you with a comprehensive service. No matter what drain is blocked, we can deliver a full fix that not only unblocks your drains but ensures they stay that way for years to come.

Don’t delay your blocked drain repair. As blocked drain specialists we have the specialised tools required like drain cameras and hydro jetters. Our plumbers can identify what’s causing the blockage and plan the best way to clear it. Once the blockage is cleared we repair any damaged sections of the pipe, leaving you with reliable, working pipes that will continue to flow freely for the foreseeable future. All our jobs are fully covered by insurance and come with our professional work guarantee, meaning if anything goes wrong as a result of our work, we’ll fix it for free. You can rely on our team to deliver outstanding results.

For blocked drains Central Coast repairs, we offer the plumbing services you need to deal with any blockage immediately. Whether it’s your toilet or broken pipes due to major clogging, we’re the best plumbing team in the Central Coast. A family owned plumber with a dedication to professional service, we can come to your location and complete the job perfectly. Rely on us for plumbing services across the Central Coast and enjoy fantastic service.
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Blocked Drain Plumbing Services


If you’ve got a blocked drain in your Central Coast home, more often than not it’s been caused by something you’ve put down there. This could just be a build-up of grime and gunk, but sometimes it can be hair, food, waste products, debris from storm water blockage or anything else. However, it could also be caused by a break in the pipe where roots, dirt and other things have entered the pipe and either blocked it or caused a blockage.

Notice slow drainage? Or is your sink emitting a bad smell? Time to unblock your drain pipes before a serious issue occurs. Your blockage needs to be handled correctly. We have expert advice to deal with any drainage issue and guarantee a fast response and free quotes for our service. Don’t wait until bad smells envelop your drains and damage your plumbing. We can figure out exactly what is troubling your kitchen sink and solve all your plumbing needs. Want a quick day service that quickly eliminates all future problems for your drainage system? We clear blocked drains every day using drain cameras and the latest technology. We also carry out plumbing maintenance for Central Coast NSW homes and businesses.

Our blocked drains Central Coast plumber can inspect your drains using specialised cameras and work out exactly what’s blocking it. Through this, we can work out the best way to clear it and leave you with free-flowing drains that won’t block again anytime soon.


Sooner or later most drains get blocked. Whether it’s all the things that get washed down the drain, a break in the pipe letting roots and dirt in, or simply a build-up of calcium or grime, you can be sure you’re going to need the services of a professional blocked drain plumber at some point. It’s this reason we aim to keep our services affordable and comprehensive. We aim to give you the services you need when you need them and make sure your drains stay unblocked for as long as possible. If you have a blocked drain and can’t seem to get it unblocked with the ol’ plunger, you can rest assured calling in the professionals at 048Plumber won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Get a free quote today.
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048Plumber are your local plumbing experts. For more than 15 years we’ve been providing homes all across the Central Coast with professional plumbing services, taking care of plumbing problems large and small. Whatever the problem is, you can be sure our plumbers can fix it. We offer 24/7 emergency service, with a team of plumbers ready at all hours to jump into action and be there fast to provide the service you need.

We can reach your location quickly and handle the job, providing high quality results each time. We’re available throughout various Central Coast NSW areas including Bateau Bay, Avoca Beach, Umina Bay, Shelly Beach and more. Additionally, with upfront pricing and competitive quotes, you can get your pipes repaired affordably, with no hidden costs or additional fees. Talk to our team for more information, or call 048Plumber now for a quote.
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